Sometimes it seems to me, that breaking news and news ticker have replaced the longing for wisdom. I don't believe we will get far with this.

The Eusebius Church in Arnhem has been almost totally destroyed during the 2nd World War. 

It was rebuild and is now, besides the religious use, a memorial and a tourist attraction.

I've been there a few month ago, and was deeply touched by the so called "Eusebius Experience" (a historical multimedia guide). 

I mean, I knew the historical facts of the destruction of Arnhem, and always regarded it as a thing that should have never happend, because a war should naturally never happen, because of the perversion especially WW2 was made of, but after this I really felt ashamed and guilty.

Although I always said you can't be guity for something you've never been part of, because one wasn't even born, because one's parents weren't even born, that you can only fight racism nowadays, and you have to fight racism nowadays, but you can't change the past.

Nevertheless, the feeling was there, and the feeling was right.

So when I picked up a copper coloured piece of glass in the main part of the church, I knew there may be no reference to the building or to the history, maybe some visitor just lost it, but I knew I would give it a special place in my designs.

I wanted to give it a poetical, magical touch, make it look like a kind of relic, strong but not lacking signs of destruction.

Never to forget the cruelty of war.


It took some time, finding the right name for this brooch, and now, having found

it, I wish I could have called it differently.

Let me tell you why.

I was searching the internet for what sort of a stone I once picked up, having gone for a walk on a spoil tip, and now placed it in the middle of my design. 

I learned it is slag, which doesn't surprise me much as I live in the Ruhr area.
But I also read it can be toxic and weakly radioactive- not funny at all.

So what to do with it now? I don't know if I am overcautious, as our spoil tips consist of any kind of mining waste material- just as slag- but I'm no longer comfortable with the thought of wearing the brooch, at least until a geologist tells me it's okay.

I don't go to church. But I was raised catholic and agree with christian values, spreading love and being kind to each other could really make mankind appear civilized. But that's not what church as an institution does. There's still fight for power, abuse, disrespect and pain.

The here and now isn't helped by praying the rosary and washing the sins away.

Crucifix_2021 comes with a picture frame hook on the back, so you can either hang it on your wall or wear it around the neck with a waxed cotton cord.

This one is made of a shampoo bottle, found pieces fixed on it with found sparkler wire, and meant to be read in a critical way of dealing with overconsumption. I got a comment on insta saying that it looks like a memory jug, and indeed, it does. But it's rather a memorial for consumption in the whole, due to the mass we buy, the single pieces lose their value, and we lose them from memory.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual and ally people deserve the same respect as everyone does, as they are a natural part of the "everyone"-group, which is nothing less than humanity.

I guess here is a good occasion for pointing out, because- I don't know why- after having finished the brooch I couldn't stop seeing a penis in it.

I mean, i like penises, but this isn't meant to be a victory-for-penis-brooch!

As it happend by chance let me tell you I'm not planning to build a vagina next.

But, we'll see ;)

Tilting elements, related to tipping points in the climate system, provoce, when exceeded, a huge change in the climate system, often irreversible. 

This change threatens our livelihood now, and it is getting exponentially worse.

Dinosaurs have not died out by climate change, but we will, if we go on like this.

Refering to Pink Floyd's shine on you crazy diamond, I want to dedicate this to all animals, especially to those we treat in the most brutal and unhuman way.

Mind the pigs, mind all animals, they are living, thinking and feeling creatures.

Shine on you crazy ones, you know who you are!

This humblebee has fed up with glyphosate & co., so it's escaping to space to find a better place to live.

I really don't know if green hydrogen will be the energy for a healthier future, but obviosly we need to find some. Even if we reduce our power consumption, we can't completly do without. (Of if so, this would be the greatest revolution ever.)